eLearning Management System

eLearning Management System

Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Online Learning System are the order of the day.

Organizational success today is driven by competence of people and training people shall be an integral component of the same.
Why use Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Online Learning System?

  • Online Training Modules bring in standardization i.e. once the content is created and verified there is no likelihood of mistake going forward.
  • LMS aides online practice and final exam enabling certification processes which are automated and inbuilt into the structure.
  • LMS supports easy question answer addition into the system through simple CSV uploads and manual additions.
  • LMS tracks the progress of each participant
  • LMS allows the user to appear for the final exam only after 100% of the content has been viewed by him, without any exception. This aides complete learning and devoids the participant of partial interest etc.
  • LMS is available at any time at any place. You literally learn from experts without needing to be co-located.
  •  LMS allows the user to learn at their pace and at a time of their choice. Learner can re-do portions that he needs to revisit without adding any cost to the organization.
  • Simulation exercises and downloadable content may be put to use to aide learning.
  • Robust information security provision make the training content information security threat proof.
  • Detailed analytics availability enables report creation for audit and other organizational needs.

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LMS shall be available in three contract types:

  1. Pay as you go model – In this model, we can agree on a billing model wherein the organization shall pay per use instead of an overall price of the LMS.
  2. As-is where is Model – We deploy the LMS on your server and help with basic configuration and the LMS with its code is all yours. We shall offer you 6 months free support.
  3. Enhancement Included Model – Should you need a lot of customization to the LMS like your branding etc. we can look at an enhancement contact where we shall list down all your needs and deliver the same along with the LMS. You shall be pleasantly surprised at our low rates on enhancement contracts.

Additional Services:

Should you need our expertise on video making, that could be an additional service we could work on that with you.